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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Fed Eddie cereal for the first time last night.

Or, that's what would have happened in a normal family.

What actually happened was: Ed was fussing at dinnertime and Joel thought maybe it was NOT because he was desperately tired, but rather because he liked the looks of the leftover-chicken-and-veggies that the rest of us were eating. However, I hadn't actually purchased any baby rice cereal, and all we had was a jar of "Stage 2" turkey puree.

Which we fed to Eddie, only microseconds after I found the camera and deleted a bunch of old pictures because the memory card was full and he may be the second child but I'll be danged if I don't get a picture of his first bites of people-food.

Anyway, he hated the turkey (and who wouldn't? It's GRODY!) and I'm going to Target to get some rice cereal today.

P.S. Lucy, sometime between teeth-brushing and bedtime last night, put on her own Crocs (this is new) and insisted upon wearing them to bed. I love that.


Lisa Anderson said...

So where are the pictures?

I have decided to hold off as long as possible with David. We have introduced him already to ice cream. He was reaching for my cone on Saturday, so I let him have it. I don't know. Was that bad?

peggles said...

it is really comforting to hear that there is someone else in the world who keeps her memory cards full, and then (sometimes frantically, in a hurry) deletes some, just so there is enough room for the moment. thanks! would love to see the pics!