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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ending the school year with a bang (and a drill or two)

Last day of school! Last day of school!

Today was the kids' last day. I think St. Paul is the only school district in the country that hasn't been out since last week. I think it's nice to end in the middle of the week -- makes a Tuesday seem like a Friday.

It's been an emotional and exciting week for all of us here in Gronauland. Lucy had her Kindergarten graduation last Friday. Many tears were shed as her cohort of 15 said goodbye to the teacher most of them had had for two years.

Golly, we love Ms. Kristie! She gave a lovely tear-jerking little talk about the class, and then as they got their "diplomas," Kristie announced what each child said he or she wanted to be when they grew up. Lucy said "a teacher." We watched a little slide show of the year, followed by cookies and juice. It was small and simple and touching and perfect.

Lucy's graduation dress (yay Valu Thrift!)

She REALLY wanted to wear my hat, but chickened out.

Our big brand-new first grader!

And here are a couple pics from her piano recital the weekend before:

Ms. Mary, a sweet and patient woman.

I did 2 duets with Lucy, and she played one piece on her own. Piano has been a struggle this year -- Lucy hasn't really enjoyed it, and it's been really hard making time to practice. But she enjoyed performing (surprise, surprise) and has been working much harder and more diligently on it the last couple of weeks, and we're all (by which I mean "I am") starting to get more disciplined about her practicing.

Also, we've been assembling a playset:
This is the kind of project that would take one full weekend if you had 2-4 grownups working all daylight hours. We, unfortunately, do not have that kind of free time, but we spent large chunks of 2 weekends putting this thing together. The picture above shows maybe 20% completion. It's now probably 90% completed (even the monster slide is fully assembled but just needs its bolts tightened and the whole thing needs to be attached to the fort) but finishing that last 10% is going to be tricky. The kids already are enjoying the swings and I'm excited to have people over when it's less of a safety hazard.

Oh golly there's so much more! But I have to go get the kids from the bus. I hope to find time in the next couple of days to let y'all know about roller derby tryouts. In the meantime, bon soir!

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Melissa said...

Wow! Your school did get out late! Our last day with kids was last Thursday.

Lucy looks so grown up!!! Wow! My Jack will be in kindergarten next year, so we'll get to experience all those emotions!

Your playset looks awesome! Where did you get it? I'd love to get one for our house, but my hubby isn't so great with building I'll have to invite some friends over!

ENjoy your summer!