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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Roller derby update

Well I made it through tryouts (on June 12 and I realize that was weeks ago; don't judge me) and into bootcamp for the Minnesota Rollergirls (MNRG).

About 40-45 women tried out on June 12. Tryouts were 3-ish hours of skating skills and drills and tests-of-endurance, and it was difficult and awesome, often at the same time. Of the 40+, fourteen were chosen for boot camp. So it's definitely an honor to have been chosen.

Bootcamp is 8 weeks of 2-hour, 3-night-per-week practices. At the end (August 10), the four MNRG home teams (the Rockits, Dagger Dolls, Atomic Bombshells, and Garda Belts) draft whomever they wish, to fill holes in their respective rosters.

Typically the teams will choose from the boot campers; however, they also have the option to choose skaters transferring from other roller derby leagues.

Last year they drafted ... oh cripes I'm not sure. 14 or 16 maybe? This year: probably 8. Well, they have promised us no fewer than 8. Plus, there are 5 hopeful transfers who are coming in with more derby experience under their belts than we bootcampers. So of this year's 14 bootcampers, in a worst-case scenario, they'll take 3 of us. THREE. This is an enormous bummer, especially since 12 of us bootcampers have been on the Debu-Taunts rec league and have been skating together weekly (or more!) since last July.

But one can hope! And one can definitely have an awesome time practicing 3x per week, and get oneself in the verybest shape of one's life. And one can learn VOLUMES from the All-Stars and vets and refs who are helping train us.

So I'm keeping my chin up -- there's nothing else to be done, truly. Bootcamp is wild and wonderful -- we are in week 4 (holy cats -- is that possible? Already? Wow!) and they kill us with plyo (jumping exercises) and core (situps and pushups in zillions of permutations) and we are starting to work on pack skating (working together) and hitting. It's fantastic to be able to share this time with so many other exceptional skaters and athletes. It's exciting. And sweaty.

And right now, I need to go to bed.

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