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Friday, May 21, 2010

Teaser! Win a free book (for serious!)!

Way way back in 1990, my freshman year of high school, I met my friend Alison Strobel. Skip ahead 20 years and she's a published author! Her third novel, The Weight of Shadows, has just been released, and I am part of Alison's "blog tour" to help promote this latest offering.

So... WATCH THIS SPACE on Friday, June 25 for my review and your chance to win a free copy of The Weight of Shadows, delivered to your very door. You'll have to figure out how to leave a comment here in order to enter the drawing for the free book, so if that's been difficult for you, I suggest you practice. Like, starting now.

Happy Friday!


peggles said...

you know me! i'll do anything if it's for free! and promoting an up and coming author.

The Morrows said...

Thanks Meg!! :D And, um, has it seriously been 20 years?! Lord have mercy. Thank heavens for the internet--I'm so glad we still connect so often!