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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday morning blues

The "I" key is totally broken on my laptop, so this will be an interesting experiment. Oh look! Apparently I can just press the little button underneath. I don't hardly miss it!

Well I just can't figure out this crazy weather. It's 90 degrees with blinding sunshine for a full week, and now it's overcast and about 55 at 8:30 AM. I really admire Minnesotans who choose to put a permanent pool in their backyards -- those are just the kind of glass-is-half-full eternal optimists that this world probably needs more of.

Took Ed in for his 3-month checkup and he is most assuredly a three-year-old boy. He got a giant kick out of the hearing test -- "I hear it mommy! I hear it!"

Lucy is my resident grumpy stick-in-the-mud -- I made plans today to take the kids to the Minnesota Zoo: the expensive, nice, far-away zoo in the area. Lucy, upon hearing of these plans, made a face and said she didn't want to go. Well, I'm not going to twist her arm and drag her across the metro against her will. She wants to stay home so we can get the free lunch that the playground down the street serves every weekday. That girl is one cheap date.

Last Saturday, Joel and Jean and Cameron and the rest of the girls from our coed softball team all competed in the Tri-Loppet in Minneapolis: 11k canoe, 5k trail run, 15k mountain bike. It was HARD and kinda miserable, and it really illustrated for me what dreadful shape I am in. OK don't get me wrong: the literal shape of me is fine, but all my lovely muscles have converted into mooshy flesh and bone and I hate it. After watching "So You Think You Can Dance" last Wednesday, I made a new-year resolution (it was my birthday, so it's a new year for me!) to exercise more regularly. Jean and I went for a run last night along the river and it was really perfect. Running really isn't my thing, but I can do 30 minutes every now and then.ooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

OK I think I got the I key fixed. Gotta get moving on laundry and maybe organizing the kids' toys (again). Why is that such a nightmare?!?! I go to other people's houses and their kids' toys all seem to have places to be... not here! There's junk everywhere, nothing has all the pieces it came with, and nothing gets put away when it's done being played with.

Our neighbors' Hummer got towed at 11PM last night, which leaves soooo many unanswered questions: why in the middle of the night? Why were 3 cop cars necessary? What's the DEAL with that family? Why would anyone in this neighborhood even OWN a Hummer?? Their dog barked at me for the solid 20 minutes I spent weeding my garden yesterday afternoon, and I could hear people in the house talking, so I'm SURE they could hear their poor dog freaking out at me. Too bizarre.

I know I promised you a Seattle/Rolling Meadows recap, but I don't think anybody really cares, and I posted lots of pics on Facebook anyway. I've got to hit some laundry and dishes. Ciao!


Alison said...

I seem to remember seeing on GCM that kids Lucy's age tend to be really grumpy and contrary. Not that knowing that helps, but at least you know it's not just your kid. :) Your park serves free lunch?? How cool is that! What do they serve? And why?

Meg said...

Yeah, I gotta make it back to GCM more often. One of my other new-years resolutions was to spend less time online, tho. *shrug* It's an awesome group of mamas however!

Lots of kids in the city of St Paul are home alone in the summer, when school's out but their parents still need to work. YOUNG kids, like close to Lucy's age. And those who do have parents at home are often living near the poverty line. So the Parks & Rec (same as Park District) -- or maybe it's the school district? offers free lunch to all kids 18 and under on weekdays in the summer. It's NOT the best food -- I've been thinking of writing a strongly-worded letter. Today they had manufactured PBJs, turkey/cheese sammies, various cheese sticks, raisins, peaches-in-a-cup (sugar added, ugh), SunChips (which actually are about the healthiest chips out there), carrots-and-dip, and usually they have white milk but today it was just chocolate milk or juice.

It's really a nice community-building thing, too -- it's nice to see the kids who live in your neighborhood, and I've met some moms that way too (though the vast majority of kids are there sans parents).