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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Progress through participation

I'm still in Rolling Meadows, posting from my parents' desktop that is starting to sound like it's going to self-destruct any second. Maybe look for new pics on Sunday or Monday, and notes from our adventures. In the meantime...

We were sitting at dinner, eating chicken fingers and zucchini-fries (SUPER yummy, BTW) and reliving funny moments with the kids. My dad mentions that while I was in Seattle, he took the kids into the yard to splash in the kiddie pool, and before he knew it Lucy had stripped down to her birthday suit and was running around in her me-oh-my.

Lucy, listening, shakes her head, smiling like a much-older person, and mutters "What will the neighbors think?"

OK OK and Eddie the other morning crawled into his chair at breakfast and declared "I'm a VERY busy woman!"

And if only I could capture the inflection in Ed's voice when he calls "Graaaaam-paw..." Sooo funny.

Joel and Jean will be joining us at my folks' tomorrow, and we'll be at the Twins/Cubs game Friday afternoon! I'm afraid I missed my peonies blooming this year, which makes me very sad. Joel promises there's "stuff" growing in the garden but I am skeptical and trying desperately to keep my curiosity at bay, until we get back.

My folks are rock-stars for putting up with me and these crazy kids.

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bridget said...

Thanks for coming over last week. It was so great to see you guys!