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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eddie says "I want foot-jamas! Mama where's my SWORD?"

Joel's parents rented a room at the Kalahari resort in the Wisc Dells for tonight (they are going to a wedding for a friend of Julie and Jamie), so we are slowly getting woken up and packed for a day at the water park... and whatever else this place has to offer. Joel said something about go-karts and an indoor driving range. We'll see! It's exciting to get a bit of a getaway in this season.

March 4 (the Wednesday before he turns 3) has been set for Ed's teeth-extraction surgery. Any prayers or power available, please send 'em our way (and the doc's and anesthetist's way as well). I'm not really sure what I can do to prep Ed for the experience -- apparently Children's Hospital has pre-op videos for kids to watch online, but the links are broken at the moment.

This was our Dec. 29 attempt at building a gingerbread house. The homemade sugar-glue worked like a charm -- but much of the house was broken at the start, so we ended up making gingerbread boards. They still tasted great.

The next 3 pix are from last Monday. Temps in the 20s felt like a tropical paradise! I shoveled with no coat and no gloves on and I actually considered eating lunch outside, for about four seconds. There was much happiness in Gronauland.

We wished our friend Josie a very happy 4th birthday! Lu and Jo put on quite a show for us, modeling some of Jo's new dancewear.

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