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Monday, January 19, 2009

...And I've never been to Boston in the fall

MPR cancelled my favorite program, the 89.3 Morning Show with Dale Connelly and Jim-Ed Poole, but you can get it streaming online, which has actually been better for me, since I used to miss all but the final hour of the show since I'm not typically awake enough to turn on the radio before 8am. So NOW I can start listening whenever I want, and I'm guaranteed up to 3-4 hours of folk music every day! It's seriously my favorite thing.

The kids are suffering a bit of post-Christmas letdown. If Christmas is over, they question, why do we still have the Christmas cards hanging up? Why do we still see Santa statues in peoples' lawns? How come we never made a wreath out of branches from the tree in our yard, like you once accidentally thought out loud, Mom? When is it Christmas again? If Christmas is over why is there still snow outside? Why is it still so dark at dinnertime? Why didn't Santa bring us a cat? Why is our Christmas tree out in the yard in a snowbank? WHEN IS IT CHRISTMAS AGAIN!??!?

We had a lovely relaxing weekend, though staying in snowy Minnesota meant we had to miss my cousin Amy's wedding to Dan. It sounds (and looks from the pix sent by my cousin Kate) like it was a blast! Congratulations, you two.

Lots of exciting things going on around here -- we made the decision to wait another year before sending Lucy to kindergarten (her birthday is Sept 2 and the cutoff is Sept 1) so we've applied her to attend the St. Paul Public Schools' pre-K program in the fall. Acceptance is on a lottery system, so now we wait. And, in the meanwhile, visit the schools we'll have to consider if she doesn't get into the SPPS program.

Ed is (without his knowledge) soon having surgery to remove his badly-mangled 2 front teeth. You might remember that he bonked them in November '07, which chipped one tooth (and also cracked it up into his gum) and greyed the other front tooth. Since then I can think of at least 2 other times he's whacked them. The teeth were stable for a while, but right before Christmas he got an infection way up in his gum from the cracked tooth. Antibiotics took care of it until the doc could look at it -- and he suggested either a baby-root-canal or just pulling the teeth. Since Ed's only 2 and therefore A. highly likely to keep falling on his face, and B. not getting his permanent teeth for at least 3-4 more years (thereby increasing the window in which an infection could recur), we decided to go with the extraction. Now we're just waiting to hear when the doc can meet us at the hospital -- probably in February. Ed will have to have general anesthesia, which makes me VERY nervous. All we can really do is trust the doctor and God's plan for us. More updates will come as we find out the date.

In other news, I am now my kids' dance teacher! We adore Miss Lee at Linwood, but my teaching my own kids saves us $40 a month... and I was getting tons of requests from ECFE parents to teach a class in the studio at the Dayton's Bluff Rec center. There was so much interest, I'm teaching 2 sections, and it is SO much fun to be working with the younger age group again! I have a couple older kids (age 6-10) in the Wednesday group, but several 3-4-year-olds as well. We have an absolute blast.

I'm also co-directing three-ish productions of Pirates! The Musical, opening this week at the Maplewood Community Center. This is for kids grades 1-6, and I'm working with an Ashland group (kids from the community), a group from Oakdale Elementary, and a group from South St. Paul. I even co-wrote one of the scenes -- maybe I have a future as a playwright! If you have kids, you might want to bring them to see the show -- it runs this weekend through the first weekend in March. See The show is only about an hour long, and not scary-piratey at all. Just VERY silly-piratey.

I mentioned before that I was auditioning for Seussical, but it turns out I am not actually going to be involved in the show. I went to an audition at the Ordway (it's a professional theatre in St. Paul that often hosts touring shows) on Saturday for Singin' in the Rain, and I was immediately cut. So my ego's been taking a couple hits here and there. *shrug* Such is life.

Oh but here's a wild story! So a couple weeks ago I was watching "Superstars of Dance" which is TOTALLY a guilty pleasure because it's a ridiculous show, and they had a Bollywood number on, and I got all up in arms because I SWEAR I don't understand Bollywood dancing at all. Joel and I had a lengthy discussion about it (meaning I kind of went off for a few minutes, and he patiently nodded while keeping one eye on Michael Flatley), which ended with me saying I really didn't think I would dance any worse than these supposedly-highly-trained Bollywood dancers.

The very next day I got an email from a gal who's taken ballroom dance lessons from me in the past -- she and her boyfriend are getting married and REALLY want to do a Bollywood number for their first dance. I could just about hear God laughing: You think you're so talented? Let's just see about that. Anyway, I'm not sure it's still happening (I mean, I'm sure they're getting married but not certain I'll be involved), but the timing was really impeccable.

OK I've got more but I need to go shovel. Happy Monday and Happy Inauguration Week!


Heather said...

Happy to chance upon a new blog post!
Lots of things to comment on:

1. Poor little-Eddo. I will keep him in my prayers for an easy and successful surgery and that your fears are put at ease. I hear ya.

2. I am genuinely surprised to hear about your outcome at the audition...I think you'd be great in that show. Frustrating and hard not to feel bad. You are still awesome.

3. Jackson had a hard time letting go of Christmas too though he was stuck on the reindeer. Where are they? What are they doing now? When can I see them? All of a sudden he has remembered the Easter Bunny (???) and Santa has been forgotten.

4. Do you have an endless supply of cousins that keep getting married? There are a lot of Ryan weddings!

5. Cool that you are teaching kiddo dance. I have had some people say there would be a great interest for a preschool music class here. Have I told you this already? I think I'll consider it when Andrew gets a little bigger. He is able to sit still for all of 7 seconds right now which would make teaching a class impossible.

6. Good luck with Pirates. Wish I could take Jackson to see it. Brian will be in Minneapolis on the 26th for a whole week for work meetings. Wish we could come, but we were just gone for almost 2 weeks over Christmas and I just started teaching lessons so I don't want to cancel right away. Plus, Andrew is doing better with his sleep habits and I really don't want to shake that up right now.

That's all I think.
Miss you. Stay warm. Should I tell you it was 55 here yesterday? I just can't get over that this is January.

Meg said...

Oh Heather! I am SO delighted to get your comment! And I am overjoyed to see your exceptionally ordered, numbered items. It gives me such a feeling of content. Thank you.

And YES there is an endless supply of Ryan cousins of marrying age. There are 35 of us, ranging from mid-40s down to early 20s. I think 21 of us are already married, but there are still 14 left!

I miss you too! I had the kids out in the snow for about 1.5 hours this morning. It was only about 20 degrees but the sun (plus all the shoveling I was doing) made it feel MUCH warmer. I considered eating lunch outside for about three seconds before coming to my senses.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Aw man, I'm so sorry you didn't get into either show. :( That's a bummer. But man, you sure are compensating--I don't know anyone who does as much as you do!!

The Bollywood thing is hilarious. Please tell me you'll do it. And that you'll video the final product and post it on the blog. :)

Heather said...

Just when I thought Santa was behind us until at least Halloween, we had this conversation last night at dinner:

Brian: Jackson, tomorrow is an important day. Do you know why?

Jack: Yes. (which, to Jackson, means I don't know.) More bread please.

Brian: Tomorrow we will get a new president. Do you know who it is?

Jack: Santa!

Anonymous said...

I have a cat you guys can have....Mathew!!!