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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday afternoon

Hi again!
Today is sort of my favorite kind of day. Kids had swimming in the morning, then swung by a dear friend's house with ice cream to celebrate her GETTING DRAFTED TO MNRG!!! It's not too hot, the kids and I ate a decent lunch, and now they are playing together incredibly nicely. Enough to make a mama want to grab a glass of wine and a Sudoku and do some happy deep-breathing.

Joel and the kids and I had a fabulous Saturday. The weather was near-perfect and after sleeping late-ish, I dashed over to Minnehaha Falls to run some stairs with a teammate and our coach. The stairway we run has about 130 steps, and we did it 14 times: stepping on each step, skipping steps, sideways/crossover, two-foot jumping, one-foot jumping... you name it. It was brutal and wonderful. In the afternoon we Gronaus worked on our outdoor projects, finishing the brick patio and a small set of steps, and making some more headway on the retaining wall. The yard is starting to look very nice and, we hope, will require less fussy maintenance (like mowing/weed-whipping around weird rocky hills and contours that we cannot be bothered to do) next summer.

Yesterday my team, the Atomic Bombshells, was supposed to go tubing down a local river -- and then it was 60 degrees and cloudy. So we met at our captain's house, sat around and ate and drank and caught up for a few hours. It was really lovely. Afterward two of my teammates came back to my house and we played our guitars for an hour before I had to go to practice.

While I was at practice, the MNRG home team captains were busy drafting this year's class of rookies. I was incredibly nervous and hopeful about my friends being drafted. So practice was OK. There were nine of us there, a very small crew, but we did some good drills and trainingy things. We have this new scrimmagey drill that we do that I pretty much hate -- and after last night I realized I needed to change my attitude. After every jam I was feeling depressed, ineffective, and stupid. A couple weeks ago when that was happening, a teammate encouraged me to look at the other people I was playing with. Getting out of my own head, and being aware of my surroundings and the bigger picture. I forgot about that last night. I also forgot one of the things from The Mental Edge: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get the results you've always gotten." Well, clearly with these drills I am doing something the same over and over again, and getting the same results. Since I can't see what it is physically, perhaps I can start by changing my mental state a bit.

At the end of practice I found out that many of my friends did, indeed, get drafted -- HOORAY!! And tomorrow night we find out which teams drafted what players. Super excited to start the new season!

No practice 'til Thursday, so I've got a couple days to talk myself up to doing those drimmages with a better attitude. I'd really like to someday be trusted to do some blocking. Someday.

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