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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm NOT your Eddie

Ed is in this crazy-negative phase. He just handed me a CD and asked "What is this?" and I answered "It's called Paris Combo" and he just grunts and replies "It's NOT Paris Combo!" I don't get this 3-year-old stage.

He also makes a sound like a very angry cat when he's mad, and he's big into announcing "I DON'T LOVE YOU" every chance he gets.

Joel took us (me, Lucy, Ed and Jean) to the Science Museum for my birthday a few weeks ago, to see the Titanic artifacts exhibit. It was a lovely day and before we went into the exhibit, we took a couple minutes to explain the sinking of the Titanic to the kids. They were surprisingly enthralled with the story and if I can figure it out I'll post a video of Eddie's recap of the story. It goes something like "The boat CRASHED into the iceberg and it went up and up and then it CRACKED and then it went downdowndown." Which is actually pretty accurate.

I'm sorry, I have about 100 other things to mention, like the fact that earlier this week I accidentally bought 12 pints of blueberries at Aldi ... and that we're taking a little trip to Winona this weekend (and Lucy keeps asking "When are we going to your COLLEGE?!!" ... and that Joel and Jean did their triathlon last Saturday and totally rocked... and that my folks were up for the tri and helped us clean out our whole backyard, making it a really pleasant place to be (finally!)... and that we found ANOTHER awesome little beach in Woodbury ... but I've GOT to go shower and get the kids to the park before we all implode.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

OH MY GOSH. Abby does the negative thing, too. It drives me NUTS! And it's over the stupidest things. Glad it's not just my kid!

Heather said...

You are not alone! Jackson is into it too. Just last night, while watching So You Think You Can Dance: She is NOT a good dancer, that is NOT good music, you are NOT watching t.v., Andrew you CANNOT have juice. And so on, and so on.

And when Jackson was about Ed's age, he would say from time to time, "I do not love you." They must feel powerful when they say that.

Have fun in Winona! We are attempting to go to St. Louis this weekend. Of coarse, Jack woke up crying that his ear hurt and has since tried to throw up twice. Crap. He has never had an ear infection and I suspect he doesn't now. I am really excited to waste a $20 copay so the doctor can tell me the same thing.

Darn kids. :)

Meg said...

Hey Heather! Not to mince hairs (or mix metaphors), but wasn't Jackson Eddie's age just 2 months ago? :) :)

Heather, meet Alison, Alison -- Heather. Your respective Abby and Jackson, I believe, are nearly exactly the same age.

Sample convo going on behind me right now:

Lucy: It's not bedtime.

Ed: I AM going to bed!

Lucy: I have to go.

Ed: DON'T go!

Lucy: I have to get ready for my vacation, all right?

Ed: It's NOT all right!

Connnnnn-trary!! I think it's interesting, the thought that has to go into contradicting every. Single. Thing that is said. I mean, it's not as easy as just saying "NO," it's more creatve thought -- like, "hmm, what's the opposite of what was just said?" It's a fascinating cognitive leap... and still incredibly frustrating.