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Friday, April 16, 2010


For those of you on the moon, I got to be in a flash mob yesterday morning. I stink at posting videos, so here are a couple links.

Supershort clip (but this site will have a fully-edited, "super cool" clip on Monday, so check back:

The FULL video (including 2.5 intro minutes of "crowd milling about," featuring me (in orangey pants and a navy Mauer t-shirt, carrying a big red bag) attempting (desperately, unattractively, and in vain), to untuck my undershirt from my underpants. Also you can see me during the dancing:

I'm told this one is of better quality:

I'd read about auditions for the flash mob (which were not true auditions -- they took everyone, I believe) online and I went, tried out, and went back for 2 rehearsals, then just showed up on the plaza at Target Field for a quick rehearsal (at 8am Thursday... groan...) and then wandered around for 90 minutes until they started playing the music. I dunno... what else do you want to know? It was crazy fun, I got crazy nervous, and I met a whole bunch of crazy-cool people. Many of whom are working actors here in the Cities, so it was great making some connections.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

That's so cool. You guys only rehearsed twice!?

Nicole said...

MEG! I LOVE THIS! You were awesome ... how fun!

Nicole - Seattle said...

Meg - you are absolutely adorable in this! I love the expressions you are making!! : )