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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parents make the difference... again

Went to a really cool presentation last night given by a local organization called Doing Good Together, through ECFE. It was called Raising Compassionate Children and talked about the why, how, and obstacles of raising children who have empathy and who care for other people.

One statistic she quoted was that volunteering is just as good for your overall well-being as quitting smoking. That was amazing to me... and THEN she added that volunteering is actually BETTER for you, physically and mentally, than exercising 4 times per week. That really blew me away.

Just somethin' to think about. Happy Wednesday!


bridget said...

I have heard that! Go for it!

Jean said...

And THAT'S why you are volunteering to be my wedding planner! It will make you a better person. (And me) :)

pilgrimchick said...

That's interesting, and very uplifting. I've always enjoyed volunteering, but I never thought of the benefits in that light.

cyber-zenith said...

go ahead