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Monday, February 08, 2010

I gotta get video of Lucy singing "Don't Stop Believin'"

Convos with the kids:

Joel (after dinner): "Eddie, wow, you must be full! Your belly is so big!"


Also, along with the rest of the free world, we went to a Superbowl Party on Sunday. We actually had Lucy convinced it was a "Soup or Bowl" party, to which she replied, "Well then I'll take the bowl." Smart girl.

Joel (to the kids, on the way home from the party): "Wasn't that fun? Lots of kids, good food, and Eddie got to hold the baby!"

Lucy (and I wish I could fully convey her sincerity in delivering these lines): "WWAAAAAAA!  Sad -- SO SAD!  IT AIN'T FAIR!!"

And just this morning, over breakfast:

Lucy: Mommy I want an egg in a hole.
Me (in a quite relaxed and casual way): Hon, I just made you the smoothie you asked for, and you haven't even started eating it yet. If you're still hungry when it's gone, then I will make you an egg.
Lucy: Mommy CALM DOWN.

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