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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Do I drive you CRAAAAAA-ZY!?

I know, I know, I'm like eight years behind the times -- I realize that was a hit song, oh, four years ago. Please remember I have been raising babies for the last 5.5 years and my brain is absolute mush. Delicious, white-chocolate/macadamia mush. Next thing I know you'll be telling me I can purchase music online. Horrors!

So I was talking to my mom today and I realized I've seen an obscene number of movies lately, and so I review them for you.

Revolutionary Road
4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days
Inglorious Basterds
Gone Baby Gone
District 9
Le Danse

Wait, I just remembered that the only ones who read this are my parents, and I just reviewed all these for my mom on the phone. OK, so I can still review 'em for you, but let me know which one you want to hear about, OK?

Also I am excited to tell you about this life coach I've been working with. She's a friend-of-a-friend and she's in training, so she is Free To Me which (and this should come as no surprise to you) is the only way I could afford such a luxury. And I assure you that having someone, a completely objective, out-of-the-loop someone, come over once a week and chat for 45 minutes about ME and MY DREAMS and MY IDEAS is a fabulous luxury. Anyway she's a doll and she's helping me figure out what I want to be when I grow up, oh wait I'm 33. I do know that once the kids are both in school, I really want to continue teaching dance/choreographing. I'd also eventually like to be paid to write something. I'm exploring, I guess. I'm the kinda gal who sort of just likes to be told what to do -- I'm the first-born, the people-pleaser -- so having to start up something on my own is extremely daunting.

Lucy decided today that she wants to make a movie, so she and I developed a script (I use "we" loosely -- she talked and I wrote it down) and now we just need to organize ourselves (meaning I need to charge the video camera) and we can start shooting. I think it might be a cult classic; just wait 'til you hear her rousing rendition of "kleenex on the ground." She has several scenes where we "all go together" someplace (like, to the swimming pool in the living room, or driving to Monticello in the love seat) and she's really concerned about who's going to press Record if we ALL need to be in the scene. I'm going to bust out my tripod and blow her mind.

Lucy is also very distressed about Eddie's upcoming birthday: "Why can't MY birthday be in March!?? What if our birthdays were BOTH in March?!? What if Eddie doesn't want to invite ANYBODY?!?!" She's also starting the guest list for her own birthday, which -- need I remind you? --  is still 8 months away. She wants to invite One Boy. From Her Class. I'm hoping none of you know who it is: Nolan. Except she says it "NOHHH-lan." I wanna know the deal; guess I'd better volunteer in class more.

Ed's a riot too -- last night Joel and I were at his Annual Work Party and Jean was babysitting and she says Ed sprinted into the kitchen hollering: "I'M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!!!!" Stinker.


Rebecca said...

What did you think of Revolutionary Road? Adam and I watched it...

Tendrils said...

I read your blog! I like to hear about a fellow St. Colette, Rolling Meadows-raised, Minnesota livin' girl is up to with her family!

I was just telling my hubby how it's so lame this year. The Academy Awards nominees came out.....and I have seen 2 movies (Up and Harry Potter's 6th movie) Good God! I have never ever NOT Seen a BEST PICTURE nominee!!!!! :(

Meg said...

Hey Beck! Did you read the book when we read it for book club? I can't remember when we talked about it. Anyway, I found the book SUPER disturbing. Much of it hit very, very close to home: the 2 kids of the approximate age and gender of mine... the stay-at-home mom who dabbles in theatre... the feeling that I'm "unique" and/or "special" but not quite living up to it...
Phew! Anyway, we just watched the movie a couple days ago and even though it adheres very closely to the book, I found it strangely more hopeful... less dark. In the movie what struck me were the differences, rather than the similarities. I'm not sure if that's just me being in a better mood, or what. What did YOU think??

The Morrows said...

I've seen two movies in the last three weeks! AIN the THEATER!!!!Talk about unprecedented!

I saw Avitar, too--what did you think? I really liked it, though I have to find the Pocohontas/Avatar comparison thingie I saw, you will DIE. But wow, the visuals! Amazing!

And then a few nights ago we saw The Blind Side. OH MY GOSH. Absolutely beautiful.

When you say Revolutionary Road was disturbing (book, not movie) in what way are you using 'disturbing'? Like, in a give-you-nightmares kind of way?

Meg said...

Joel and I both totally hated Avatar. We didn't see the 3D which I understand may have been our mistake -- though I just don't see how amazing visuals compensate for a stupid plot, lame characters, nothing that made me FEEL anything. Like if I knew someone who was drop-dead gorgeous but also soulless, annoying, selfish, and boring while at the same time refusing to learn from his or her mistakes... and everyone keeps saying, YES, but (s)he's SO BEAUTIFUL!! That doesn't mean I am willing to spend three hours with her.

And RR -- I mean it was disturbing because IT RESEMBLED MY LIFE. It felt like it was a horror story about me. And, like, I don't want to give it away but some pretty terrible things happen: marital infidelity... descent into madness... things I would prefer do not happen to me. It just shook me up a bit.