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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

At some point all my stories just build up and build up and then I forget everything and have to start over.

Which is part of the reason I blog -- to keep the stories written down somewhere before they vanish forever. Unfortunately I think I just had a memory-erase sometime today, so you just get a couple highlights.

Lucy (starting to get worked up and angry about something I won't let her do, or possibly something I'm asking her to do):
"I don't want to be part of this family anymore! I don't want to be your daughter anymore! You're ugly! You're GARBAGE!"

Ed (who has been silent through the whole rampage, but has apparently reached his limit): "She's not garbage." (teeny pause)
"She's NOT ugly." (teeny pause)

Ed and I are driving in the car. I am turning from 61 onto Shepard Road, and in lieu of the typical "Merge" sign you might see at this type of intersection, there is a "Yield" sign there. Meaning, if there are cars coming, you stop and wait and YIELD until there's an open spot. Which is the opposite of MERGE, which means "speed up to highway velocity and find a hole."

So there are tons of cars coming, so I stop. The big truck behind me does not like this, and starts to honk, so I address him out loud: "It says Yield; whaddaya want me to frickin' do?"

To which Eddie replies: "What's frickin doo?"

So now "frickin-doo" is the latest funny thing to say around the house. Rats.

Ed is definitely in the super-fun-to-talk-to stage that Lucy's been in for the last couple years. Lu, on the other hand, has been challenging at best recently. She's been crabby, rude, bossy, moody, and a bully, at sometimes-overlapping turns. More and more I see how similar she and I are -- a battle that's just beginning, I know. But she's also very loving and sweet and so curious about so many things.

OK OK dishes and laundry are calling...

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Jara said...

Isn't it wonderful to hear Eddie stand up for you. Makes a heart melt. Zoey has been asking to come over to Eddie's house. Too bad we didn't make it last weekend, she would have had a blast!