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Friday, September 19, 2008

Random convos around the house

Joel: "Eddie eats dirt."
Ed: "Eddie eats skirt?"
Lucy: "I've seen THAT movie!"

Lucy (singing a Veggie Tales song): "Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees... Hey, pickles don't have knees, am I right?"

Lucy (as I finish reading her a story from her new Jesus Storybook Bible): "Who's this story for?"
Me: "It's for you!"
Lucy: "Story for ME?!? Well, I LOVE it."

Me (after Ed had asked for something he couldn't have, like a cookie): "I'm sorry, no."
Ed: "I'm sorry YES."


Molly said...

Man! I didn't check in for a few days and Wham, you have tons of posts. So, I voted for your site, good luck! I hope that your finger is better soon. That has got to be annoying to have those two fingers tied together, especially if you are right handed. And Ed's comment about the cookied cracked me up. I am in the computer lab at school and people tons of people just looked at me when I chuckled out loud! How could you help not laughing at the little bugger when he said that to you!

Katers said...

That comment is wonderful, I'll have to use it myself some time. Isabelle responds to our "no's" with "How about a yes, please?"

Alison Strobel Morrow said... that Jesus Storybook Bible the one that says, "Every story whispers his name" on it? We just started reading that for our morning devotion!

"I've seen that movie!"--that cracks me up. Well, who am I kidding, they all crack me up.