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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Unbearable Sadness of Panda

Okay, there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not I was aware that books exist on the subject of travel. Just to clarify: I was. :) Thank you for checking. What I was really looking for, though, was some real-life helpful hints from people I know, trust, and love (if you're reading this, you probably qualify). For example: I know some of you have been to San Diego. I know some of you have traveled with young children. That's why I'm asking.

So, right, we're flying into LAX, getting a hotel for a couple of nights to kind of get the kids acclimated to the new time zone and maybe enjoy some January sunshine, and then we're going to be spending about 4 days down in La Jolla. We're mostly going to go hang out with my friend Alison and her family (since I haven't even met her husband and daughter yet!) but also just to escape from Winter in Minnesota for a few days.

I think I'd like to acquire/borrow 2 umbrella strollers for the trip. The double stroller, I think, is too bulky to lug about, and the kids are so little that neither one can really walk long distances without getting whiny and adirectional. So if you have any leads for me, let me know. Also I think we might be purchasing a portable DVD player in the near future (for car rides and especially for the plane ride) so if you own one, send your review my way. Thanks!

Also! Sad Panda update -- Eddie has a cold or something. So we had a really rough weekend of basically cheesing out in the living room for two straight days. No, seriously, it was rough. The weather has been especially Novembery the last couple days (here's what I mean: it's 2:30 PM and the sky is exactly the same color as the street, and there isn't even enough ambient light to wash dishes by) and yesterday I never took off my pajamas all day. This works OK with me but not so much with Eddie, who does occasionally require a diaper change -- which he did not get yesterday. Oops.

Lucy's going in for her first big-girl dentist visit tomorrow, and I do not anticipate at all that it will go well. In unrelated news, the other day Lucy and Ed were playing very nicely and quietly together in Lucy's room, and all of a sudden I hear her, with supreme confidence and volume, yet apropos of nothing, say: "I am the HERO of this land!!!"


MC said...

From my experience, if there is anything you can rent vs. bring yourself, do it (i.e. car seats and pak-n-plays). It's hard enough lugging kids through the airport, so pay the $ to rent the car seats or portable crib.

The zoo in San Diego is a must-see.

Katers said...

We LOVE our portable DVD player. It was cheap (ask my parents, they bought it), but make sure you get one that straps onto the front seat easily and stays put. Although with 2 kids, you want one that you can attached in-between your seats for equal screen viewing.

Oh, and no diaper change for Eddie? His poor coochie!

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I just made an appointment for Abby's first dentist visit, too! I also do not anticipate it being a particularly enjoyable event. However, the dentist comes extremely well-lauded by a friend of mine, who assured me she is a miracle-worker, so who knows.

On an unrelated note, the word verification for this post is "sooge." That really seems like it should be a word, doesn't it? Suggestions for a definition?

Molly said...

We have a portable DVD player and it is awesome. You will love it on the airplane for the kids. You can purchase 2 sets of headphones and they will be the only ones that can hear it. The flight to Cali is a long one. I did it with the boys when Joey was 4 and Jimmy was 2. I heard actual moans as I boarded the plane with 2 little kids. Don't let those people bother you!! Just have a big bag of activities and be ready for anything. The best travel tip is to not plan too much in one day. It is pretty overwhelming for the little ones to be out of place as it is. When we go, go, go it really makes for some unhappy little ones. Leave a day for the pool. There is nothing like swimming in January!!

bridget said...

If you are bringing your carseats on the plane, (which you may as well if you have to pay for the seat)bring the lightest/more transportable, but that kind of advice seems obvious.

We loved both the zoo and the wildlife park. We went to a baseball game, which won't work so much for you guys in January, but what was really cool if you are going into downtown SD, we drove to the sort-of island, I can't think of the name right now, wait Coronado-but it has nice beaches and fancy hotels, then took the water taxi into dowtown-it was free and Megan loved the boat ride!
And the most practical tip I can give is upgrade to a suite (not luxury, just a room with a separate bedroom and a kitchenette. You can make lunch and dinner easily to save a few bucks, and most have cribs. The extra room helps for space for the kids as well as a quiet place for napping and early bedtimes.

CarolSue said...

Keep reminding me, please, to dig out our San Diego stuff from our honeymoon. It's on the list in my head - but we all know what happens to items on lists in my mommy-brain.

OOhh - we had a really cool map we can loan you. It was laminated and everything. Hope I can find it.

And I have no useful advice to give regarding traveling with todds. The furtherest they've been is Newburg, MN. It is almost Iowa... but still just not that far.

Nicole said...

We got our DVD players at Target, they are audiovox and I really have no compliants about them. They strap on the seats nicely, have 2 screens, even a remote and they were pretty cheap (around 179). I just got the girls the cutest headphones at kohls, they are getting them for xmas. One set is Monkey and the other puppys I think. That makes it more fun.

Heather said...

I listen to fm107 and they were just talking about plane travel with kids this morning. One caller gave this cute tip: when she travels with her kids she brings a baggie with cheap ear plugs in it and hands them out to people sitting near her. It breaks the ice, makes them laugh, and lets them know that she is an attentive parent with children on the plane. I don't know if it's my style to do it, but it's a cute idea.

When we went to Florida with Jackson this spring, we borrowed an umbrella stroller from Sutherlands. I am glad we did...not always a lot of room in the trunk of a rental car. So, they have one that even has handy extenders on the handles so you don't have to bend over when you push it. We also stayed at a hotel that had a crib for us to use.

We got lucky on the plane and sat next to a Grandma who thought Jackson was awesome and kept him entertained when he wasn't sleeping. I have heard that a trip to the dollar store can be helpful - get a bunch of little treats that will be new to the kids to give them on the plane.

I went to San Diego in college with our choir. We went to Tijuana one night on the train. I can't really recommend that for the kids though. :)

Anonymous said...

How did the dental visit go for Lula??? I know you guys have raided my dvd's before, but if there are any you wanna borrow you are welcome to them, although I don't have alot of kid friendly to you later